“Fairway to Heaven” Golf Ball Urn/Vault (White)

Urn / Vault Combination
Air Tight, Water Tight, Crush Resistant
Personal Touch

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Adult Brass Funeral Cremation Urn, Blue Urn with Matching Keepsake

Solid Brass Adult size cremation urn with a matching keepsake and Personalized Medallion
This human ash adult size urn has hand etched intricate work and gorgeous blue color
Height: 10.5″, Capacity-230 pounds. Matching keepsake – 2.5″ tall

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Armored Angel Wooden Stands Custom Made Urn/Vaults … (Short)

Solid Oak Crafted Wood Display For Armored Angel Urns
Beautiful craftsmanship for Display of Urn
Pre-finished light oak stain

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Athens Pewter Brass Cremation Urn for Human Ashes by Divinityurns – Adult Funeral Urn Handcrafted – Affordable Urn for Ashes – Large Urn Deal

This Brass CREMATION URN is a True Hand-crafted product ensuring each urn is UNIQUE, AFFORDABLE URN and DURABLE
This ADULT URN comes with top opening with a threaded lid and felt bottom
FUNERAL URN fits the remains of most adults weighing up to 200 lbs.

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Barnwood Funeral Urn in Pine – Handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA From Vintage Barn Wood – Cremation Urn For Human Ashes & Cremated Remains – Burial Urn – Decorative Urn – Wood Urn

Model: Barnwood in Pine; Handcrafted in Wisconsin from real vintage barn wood.
We are proud to handcraft our urns using solid locally-sourced wood in Wisconsin, USA.
Finished with all-natural tung oil. Non-toxic and VOC-free.

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Baseball Adult Memorial Wooden Cremation Urn-Sports Funeral Urns with Personalization

Wooden Cremation Urn, Funeral Ash urns
Baseball memorial cremation urn
Outside dimensions: 9.5″x 8.5″ x 7″, 250 cubic inch capacity

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Basketball Adult Memorial Wood Cremation Urn-Sports Funeral Urns w/Personalization

Wooden Cremation Urn, Funeral Ash urns
Basketball memorial cremation urn
Adult size, Outside dimensions: 9.5″x 8.5″ x 7″ 250 cubic inch capacity

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Beautiful Embossed Pewter Cremation Urn – Adult Metal Silver Cremation Urn – Momentful Life

ENGRAVED BAND URN DESIGN: The Embossed Pewter Cremation Urn features decorative hand-engraved bands on the top, middle and bottom of the urn. The exterior features a brushed pewter finish with black engravings. The Embossed Pewter Urn is sure to create a beautiful tribute for your loved one and will last for generations to come. This is an adult size urn.
MADE OF SOLID BRASS: Brass has been used for generations to create the most lasting cremation urns. The Momentful Life line of cremation urns is crafted by the most skilled artisans to ensure the utmost quality for you and your family. The top of the urn features a threaded lid that allows for easy access inside the urn while also offering a secure closure when on display.
SUITABLE SIZE FOR MOST ADULTS: This urn features approximately 200 cubic inches of capacity, which is suitable for most individuals that weight less than 200 lbs. The size of the urn is 6″W x 6″D x 10″H. The Classic Pewter can be used as an in-home memorial but is also suitable for burial. Includes a velvet bag for safe and secure storage or transportation.

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Beautiful Life Urns Dignity Gold Small Metal Cremation Urn

ELEGANT BRASS URN – Honor lost loved ones with the elegant Beautiful Life Urns Dignity Cremation Urn for funeral proceedings and far beyond.
THOUGHTFUL SIZE & LOOK – Brushed finish, circled with three elegant black lines, brings a classic look.
METAL DESIGN – This weighty, sturdy and durable metal cremation urn is ideal for homes with pets, children, or simply a lot of activity or travel.

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Bedroom High Elastic Rope, Live Buckle Adjustment Designed for Men (Black)

It can stretch for a long enough time
The design is simple, designed for men.
Unprecedented feelings of life, adding fun to life

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Biodegradable Pine Casket (Large)

DESIGNED FOR NATURAL GREEN BURIALS AND CREMATIONS. IDEAL ORTHODOX JEWISH BURIAL CASKETS The wood used for these finely crafted caskets is sourced from sustainable forests; the forests are managed similar to the guidelines approved by the Forest Stewardship Council [Fair … Read More

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Black Casket Flag Band

This elastic rubber band holds a flag securely around a casket.

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